Basic Tips and Tricks for the Beginners of Ping Pong

Basic tips and tricks for the beginners of Ping Pong

All of us are well aware of the game that table tennis is, it is a game loved by everyone and one the most popular indoor games. The game is well known for its origin from the loan tennis and is known as its miniature version. Table tennis also known as Ping Pong is widely loved and popular among all the nations around the globe and also many national and international tournaments are held every year, where the players are given a chance to compete against each other and prove their caliber to be on the top.

Table tennis vs ping pong

It is believed that table tennis and ping pong differ in nature, technique or the equipment used. Many of us believe that both of these are different games with some of the similarities but it is not. Putting an end to all of this argument we tell you that table tennis and ping pong are just two different names given to the same game, in some parts of the world it is known as table tennis whereas ping pong in the rest.

Ball used for table tennis

A ball made of plastic with a size of 40 mm weighing 2.7 gm is used for the game. It is thought that some kind of synthetic materials is mixed with the plastic used for the making of the ball but it’s not the ball is completely and only made of plastic. The ball is seamless and is presently made by many of the top brands like butterfly, stiga, donic joola etc. You should stay away from the chins made balls available in market as they are highly unpopular and criticized for worsening your game experience. All the china made balls seems to be the same like others at start but soon start to pop out once you start playing and should be avoided while you make your purchase for the game equipment.

Other equipment required

The other equipment required for the game are the table and the racket, both are wood made. The racket has a coating of rubber on both the sides and the table has a net placed at the center. No kind of safety gear or equipment is required while you play the game. The game is totally safe to play even for the kids.

Number of players in the game

There are two ways you can proceed with the game either with the singles match or the double. In the singles, there is one player on each side and they are given equal chances to serve and play. Whereas in the doubles there are two players on each side or we can also say a team of two on each side both the teams compete against each other to gain points and win the game. Both of the forms of game are equally appreciated and loved. Not only for the players, but the ping-pong game also a good amusement for the spectators watching.

Positive Aspects About Ping Pong Game

Positive Aspects About Ping Pong Game

Ping pong is an inclusive sport that is similar to lawn tennis played by two or four players on a table with wooden rackets. There is also a net which divides the table into two parts and the players have to stand on both side of the table to compete against each other. They just need to serve and return the ball which is very simple and easy. This is the reason for which people of different age groups are playing this game. Table tennis is also getting popular these days in various nations around the globe. People are also playing this game in tournaments and also showing their talent in front of others. This is a competitive sport in which players can compete with their opponents and defeat them by using good strategies and techniques. Players must aware about the important rules of the game in order to eliminate the various issues.

Family entertainment at home

Table tennis is one and only sport which you can play at your home as well as outside in the lawn. There are no any specific requirements regarding space for playing this game because they just need enough space to place a table. If you are at home and want to do something different with your family members in free time then you can consider playing ping pong. This doesn’t require much effort so that you can play it with ease and also in a comfortable manner. You can play this game with your elder ones or the old age people present in your home. Such sport is suitable for every age group and this is a big advantage. This is also an inexpensive source of entertainment and you also don’t need to worry about changing the weather or any other kinds of things. You have an option to play this game inside or outside the home according to your desire.

What’s more to know?

Playing table tennis will help you to improve your concentration power as well as tactical strategy. By playing this game, you can also learn the techniques that how to manage the things together because this game requires eye-hand coordination. The people having back problems or other issues then they can also play this game and enjoy lots of advantages. You can also improve your core strength by playing the game and also get entertained in your free time. You can see that there are many old age people who also want to play games but they don’t have enough strength for this but they can also play this game by sitting on a wheelchair. This is a game that is addictive and entertaining too. Table tennis also helps you to improve your relations with your friends and family members by spending some quality time together.

Moreover, table tennis is all about using the perfect strategies as well as techniques against the opponents to defeat them. it also helps the players to make their spare time more interesting and full of enjoyment.

Basic knowledge about Ping Pong

Basic knowledge about Ping Pong

The game of table tennis or also known as ping pong widely is a very loved and popular one all around the globe. Primarily originated from India it spread its roots slowly and gradually to the other nations as well and now is widely popular and among the most played games all around the globe. It is played and appreciated by all age groups and is also welcomed because of it being an indoor game.

No matter the weather outside you can enjoy the game and easily pass your boring and free time. It also relaxes you and gives a relief to your mind from all the stress and anxiety going on within. It is the most efficient and helpful method to entertain you in the free time rather than sticking to the phone or computer screens for the whole day. This is a game that can be played by anyone belonging to any age group without much effort or strength to put in and a little of physical activity involved.

Requirements for the game

All you need is a ball, table and racket to start playing the game along with a will to participate and play. Ping Pong does not involve much physical activity and is also known as the miniature version of the loan tennis. It makes staying fit and healthy without putting many efforts that too in the most entertaining and amusing way. The basic equipment required for the game is cheap and also not hard to find.

  1.    The table

The table tennis table known as the Ping pong table acts as the field on which we play. It is a wood made table along with a net placed at the center. Both of the players are given each side of the table as their area and have to serve from there and score points against the opponents in order to win the game.

  1.    The paddle/racket

A wooden racket is used by each of the players in the game; the racket is of a semi-circular shape with a handle attached to make the grip for the players to hold. Each side of the racket is covered with a rubber coat that makes the ball bounce. The racket used is also widely known as Paddle.

  1.    The ball

A seamless plastic ball is used for the game; it is made in such a way that it is more bouncy and very lightweight. The ball is made of true plastic without any other substance mixed. It weighs 2.7 gram along with a diameter of 40 mm. The size and weight of the make it highly efficient and enables its easy movement in the game.

You should stay away from the Chinese products available in the market nowadays and only buy the authentic and branded products for the game, as the Chinese products are not suitable for a long run of the game and will pop out or fade away as we play. The original ping pong products will make your game more efficient and graceful and will help you enhance your skills.

All about Ping Pong


Governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), it is a game loved and adored by people of every age group irrespective of their gender, caste or race. Popular in many regions as Ping-Pong, it is a game played by a light weighted seamless ball being passed between two or four players holding the wooden rackets also known as the paddle. The game is played on a wooden table specially designed to make the movement of the ball easier. Originally originated from the England it is now popular among all the nations around the globe.

The Story behind its origin

It first grew as an after-dinner parlor game in the Victorian England. It was limited just to the upper-class families at the start but later grew its roots to the other sections of society as well. At the beginning, books were used to serve as a net on any wooden table, and rackets were made from the books as well along with golf ball being used, as the British military officers made these modifications at the time of their presence in India at the time of colonial expansion there. The transformed version of the Ping-Pong game was brought back with them to the country. All of the citizens then adapted these changes in the game.

With the expansion of the Ping Pong to the other countries, it went through various transformations and modifications and gradually started to make its place among the people of all sections of the society. Soon enough it was considered as a sign of standard among all the people and grew its popularity through the tournaments held to establish the top player in the game. At present, it has become the game with the most number of participants from all around the world.

Modern changes made to the game

The table used

As the game grew its popularity and was welcomed by the people, many companies started to design the equipment specially meant for the game. All the equipment underwent several changes and evolution as the dinner table used back then to act as a field for the game to played on was replaced by the original Ping Pong table designed for improvement and to carry on the proper course of the game. The table available now is made of a special kind of wood chosen to make the ball bounce while playing.

The table tennis racket

The books used as the racket formally were replaced by the original rackets made from the laminated wood in with rubber sheet coated on each side of it. The rackets are made in the semicircular shape with a handle attached to it, for providing a grip to the players to hold the racket. It depends on the player to use whichever side of the racket while plying depending on their grip and style of playing the game. The racket is given various names in many parts of the world. In the US it is known as the paddle, whereas Europeans prefer calling it bat but the official term assigned by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is racket used in all the tournaments and leagues. Unlike the other rackets, it does not have any strings attached to an open metal frame but a plain wooden board.

The ping pong ball

Formally the golf ball was used to act as the ping pong ball but now we have the exact and perfectly seamless ball available in the market used for the game. The ball, unlike others, is made of true plastic without any mixing with other substances or elements, use of true plastic for the manufacturing of ball is done to make it bouncy and carry forward the entire game easily. It is made light weighted and small in size to make it easy for the players to make a hit and score points. The feather weighted ball just weighs 2.7 gram and is made very small with a diameter ranging to just 40 mm. The ball keeps on passing from one player to another throughout the game and the player missing to make a hit loses a point while the opponent gains it and leads a step in order to win the game.

The net

The books used as the net previously were not a good choice, as they were not stable and needed to be fixed again and again while the ongoing game. Also, the exact distance could not be possible given to both the players with those books and also would not be used as a permanent net. That is why we prefer using the synthetic net today; these nets can be adjusted and fixed to any of the tables of our choice. It remains stable, stiff and upright throughout the whole game. These nets divide the table into exactly two halves assigning each one of it to one player. The player remains on their sides while the game and try to hit the ball each time it approaches its side.

Number of players in the game

The number of players that can play the game depends on the players available. It can be played as singles as well as doubles. The singles mode consists of two players each of them assigned one side of the table as their territory and has to operate from there itself, the players serve from their side of the table and try to hit the ball each and every time it approaches them in order to win points and win the game. While in the doubles mode there need to be four players playing with two in a team. Each of the team is given one side of the table to protect and act from, both of the players are given equal chances to serve and also in most cases in the doubles mode one of the player plays in the attacking position while other in the defensive position. The team scoring maximum points with their unity, collaboration and teamwork win.